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FTP Password Recovery is an application that allows you to find passwords for FTP clients on your PC.

Lost passwords can be a real pain, but with a click, FTP Password Recovery can retrieve them from your FTP client. It offers support for almost all FTP clients, including CuteFTP, SmartFTP, FileZilla, FlashFXP and many more. To find a password, all it takes is clicking the Recovery button, choosing the FTP client, and you'll have your password.

The best thing about FTP Password Recovery is its simplicity. There are no complex settings, and it requires no technical skills. The trial version will only tell you how long your password is, you have to register to be shown passwords in full.

FTP Password Recovery is an efficient and no-nonsense application, and if you need to find passwords for FTP clients, it's great. It is a shame it's limited to just those applications, and doesn't work as a general Windows password recovery tool.

It's a little limited only finding passwords in FTP clients, but FTP Password Recovery does that job effectively.

FTP Password Recovery


FTP Password Recovery 1.3

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